Barca Lachea Tour

La nostra attività si occupa di escursioni lungo la costa catanese(isole ciclopi castello normanno grotte di ulisse timpa di acireale ,santa maria la scala,stazzo,santa tecla ). Organizziamo escursioni con pranzo a bordo, aperitivo,pescaturismo o personalizzate per gruppi.

Isolani per caso srls

Isolani per caso is a tourist services company that operates at a regional level as an intermediary in the sale of individual services, through a portal aimed at individual clients, families and small groups. The target sector is participative tourism, through which we can tell the story of Sicily in all its traditional beauty, but […]

Lachea Boat Tour

Our business offers trips along the Catania coastline (the Cyclopean Isles, the Castello Normanno, the Caves of Ulysses, the Timpa di Acireale Nature Reserve, Santa Maria la Scala, Stazzo, Santa Tecla). We organise trips with lunch on board, for cocktail hour, for fishing, or personalised for groups.